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Forgotten Rain Drops

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Saturday, November 24th, 2007
3:39 pm
So I got a hot new phone yesterday from Verizon. It flips open and has a touch screen. As soon as my uncle gets off the computer I'm going to go load some music on it.

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Saturday, September 15th, 2007
4:02 pm
I haven't posted in awhile. It's a time issue, I think.

There's nothing of significance to say.

I'm worried I'm getting bored.

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Thursday, July 26th, 2007
4:20 pm
I have a phone! Because J. D. is pretty much a god....

It's this little blue beat up phone that works pretty much the same as mine did, without the camera. But it works! And there were some weired voice records that I deleted, and there's some weird pictures that I'm leaving on there for the heck of it. And my mom didn't even care that I went through all her social security paperwork, because I HAVE A PHONE!

Too fucking excited......

My number's the same by the way.

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Thursday, July 19th, 2007
7:14 pm
So, Harry Potter comes out Saturday....


When am I supposed to read the damn thing?

Don't think I haven't considered taking off this weekend....

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Tuesday, July 10th, 2007
10:59 pm
Forgot to add that I got my scores back from my AP psych test.

4, baby!

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Wednesday, July 4th, 2007
8:17 pm
I went grocery shopping today with my $25 budget. Spent $24.95. That's pure skill.

So I made Eggplant Parmesan with 'Polenta and Zuchini' on the side. So... Damn... Good... Especially the eggplant.

There's a factory barbeque tuesday and the notice says that upper management and supervisors 'expect all employees to attend'. Does that mean I have to? Cuz I don't want to, and I don't know anyone well enough to enjoy myself, and that means that I have to go to work three and a half hours early to talk about the weather and avoid hamburgers.

Tomorrow will be primary cleaning and ren faire prep.

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Wednesday, June 6th, 2007
6:20 pm
I get paid tomorrow. But not much, since I took off almost a whole week for the show. C'est la vie.

You know, I don't know when I'm going to do my English project. I guess tomorrow, but....

God, i have all these interesting things to post during the day, but when I actually have a moment, I have nothing.

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Tuesday, June 5th, 2007
6:14 pm
And as I watch Hex and write this entry I wonder how I will ever do my English essay and my french project by Friday.

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Saturday, June 2nd, 2007
3:39 pm
Last night.

And you know, it just occured to me that I might have a major role. What the hell's up with that?

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Monday, May 28th, 2007
8:25 pm
My family was gone all of this week, and I only had one project to finish, which means I feel caught up the world.

I've had plenty of sleep and two days off from work in a row, with nothing to fill in the slot. I have watched more movies in the last two days than the last three months combined.

I haven't put on make-up in two days, and I didn't even straighten my hair this morning. I had time to eat REAL meals that I MADE, instead of tv dinner veggie crap. I even throw myself a one-woman fiesta with nachos, mexican soda, and mint chocolate chip ice cream, which I know isn't very mexican, but its my favorite and no one was here to tell me that, or that it was fattening, or wash my bowl when I'm done.

I got so much less accomplished this weekend than I intended. I didn't wash the car or finish my laundry or buy this or make that or write anything, and that feels wonderful.

And now, I am going to bed EARLY so I can READ.

Good night, all.

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Sunday, May 20th, 2007
7:51 pm
This, is great.

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7:22 pm
I want to do a crazy amount of art this summer.

I just want this summer to begin. Screw nostalgia and savouring every moment. Every moment is spent fulfilling responsibilities.

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7:09 pm
I miss my laptop. I wish my dad would come home. Cuz I miss it. and my dog. and even him.

and i really wanna work on ASF v. 3.0. I have a lot of ideas. Plus, it be easier to do my psych report if I had an old version of one. Ugh..........

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Sunday, May 13th, 2007
4:25 pm
I'm glad we have wednesday off... so much homework, i think i'll die.

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Sunday, April 29th, 2007
6:19 pm
Oh, god I wish I had more time to update this sucker.

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Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007
5:32 pm
After all my debts are paid off, and i have nice paychecks coming in, maybe i'll buy myself a kitten.

Do you think I have time for one?

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Tuesday, March 20th, 2007
8:21 pm
Went into work an hour earlier, with every intention of working three hours, but instead I just left an hour earlier. Of course, on my way home I started regretting it. I should probably be trying to make as much money as possible on my last paycheck before france. Oh, well. My eyes are tired.

I did get a paycheck for $44. I should be getting another one for about $150 before I leave. France is so close. I'm really excited.

Soup comes down tomorrow. I don't know when I'll have time to hang out with him though, with school and drama and work. I have a five hour window on saturday that I have promised him, but I have a feeling the d n d crew will want to play during that time. I hope everyone will settle for sun. I just should probably work sunday too.

My time is being consumed with work, or thinking about how to spend my paychecks, or when exactly to work.

I love this show, but I'm ready for it to be over too. I'm looking forward to next week, with no rehearsals, sunshine, and warmer weather, not to mention lots of packing and shopping.

It's possible that I can get some benefits online from work--like health care and stuff. It says I'm eligible and to just go online and sign up for it. but everytime i do the page isn't working. i wonder if that means the site's not working or if they're lying when they say i'm eligible. i am only part-time.

Finals next week. My first thought is 'hey, maybe i can put in more hours', and my second is 'hey, i know nothing'. eh. its all good.

this is starting to turn into a pointless entry.

keith called me while i was at work. i called him back. he sounded pretty dejected and asked if i wanted to go over to his house. I didn't really want to. I just wanted to go home and go to bed, so i said so. but i asked if he needed me to come over anyway. he said not to worry about it, but his voice said that he needed to talk to me. he just should've said that then, because i'm at home.

everytime i come home from work, i feel like there's little peices of copper in my skin and in my eyes.

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Friday, March 9th, 2007
8:53 pm
Sabby is back in the picture and Oh! is that sanity. She will keep me sane and a much happier assistant director. From now on I'm going to be either in a really good mood at rehearsals, or the cast will have to face the double wrath of Sabby and I together. When one is pissed, the other is at her side. If I do direct a senior one-act, I hope she could be my stage manager. We are a phenomonal team--the two biggest bitches of Tremper Drama Club. And when the other has shit going on her life (which is pretty much constant) the other can fix it, if only for a moment.

I went to work today and got my hand scanned. I have to go in a 7 am tomorrow to get trained. I'm hoping that it won't take too long, cuz of crew, but god who knows.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now approaching Hell Week. Enjoy the ride.

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Friday, February 23rd, 2007
8:02 pm
I have a job opportunity. $8-9 an hour. No interview. Will work around my schedule.

But is financial freedom worth MY freedom?

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Thursday, February 22nd, 2007
1:58 pm
I didn't go to school 'till 12:00 today. Brought back food for fourth hour release. Chilled with JD 4 a bit before going off to class. I have another dentist appointment after the show closes. I think I convinced my dentist to go see the show though.

JD's off working or something so I'm on his computer. Nick's still sick. We cant afford anymore sick people.

Nothing interesting going on so I'll go

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